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For Beginners

Carrot Caviar


250 grams carrot juice (Odwalla)

500 grams water

2.0 grams Sodium Alginate

2.5 grams Calcium Chloride


Measure out 100 grams of carrot juice. Mix in the sodium alginate and blend. Then mix in the rest of the carrot juice and set aside. Any existing air bubbles will take at least 10 minutes to dissipate. Dissolve the calcium chloride in 500 grams of water while waiting.

Fill the syringe with the carrot juice solution. Put a strainer in the bowl with the calcium chloride solution, so that it is mostly submerged. Slowly squirt drops of the carrot mixture over the strainer in the bowl. The size of the drops can be controlled by the pressure placed on the plunger. Let the caviar set for 30-45 seconds. Move the strainer with the caviar from the calcium chloride solution and into a bath of water. Serve and enjoy!

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Sodium Citrate

pH Table and Guide

Refer to our Sodium Citrate Guide to adjust for mixtures with high acid content. Sodium Citrate is used to raise the pH of the flavored solution to promote sodium alginate solubility into the mixture.


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Photo Credit: Christer C